Immigration Issues – Where do Obama and Romney Stand

We wait that two candidates who should keep on supporting the dreamers and the most qualified immigrants (L1A, H1B, O1). The results of the elections of this year can change the approach of the White House on immigration. The presidential elections are at least a month of distance, and both candidates are in an attempt at full speed to persuade more people to vote for him instead of its opponent.

During this crucial period before the election, then, it is important to understand integrally positions of the candidates on the subject of immigration. While both candidates agree in that the system of immigration of the country does not work and is in extreme need for the reform, especially as for the safety questions and frontier immigrant undocumented persons, the president Obama and Romney disagree on how facing to these questions.

The president Obama, by means of the emission of the Deferred share for the Come ones in the Infancy (DACA), based freely on the DREAM Act, like an executive decision, promoted its support to the law. Across DACA, the undocumented individuals who were brought to the country like minors of age, who have graduated of the secondary school or to have obtained an equivalent title, which criminal records do not have and have been continuously living in the country from the year 2007 there granted a postponement of two years to itself the deportations and a green card of two years.

Although this is not the DREAM Act, per, which approaches more than any other initiative. Also, it was said that the government has promised to impel the DREAM Act to turn if it keeps on occupying the White House. Meanwhile, Mr. Romney does not show its support to the Law, but it supports that it would encourage more immigrants who enter the country without the due authorization.

Nevertheless, Mr. Romney yes proposes to give the permanent residence to those undocumented immigrants who have served in the armed forces. Also, while he will not continue authorization DACA if he is elected a president, nevertheless, it is not going to revoke the temporary status already granted to natural persons.

Romney is also a defender of the safety of the border the Mexico – United States, in major measurement, what suggests the achievement of a fence of high technology, in addition to improving the system of cross-checking of exit. These initiatives, according to him, not only to restrict the number of undocumented immigrants who enter to the country, but also the number of immigrants diminishes that more visas remain. Obama, it does not center on the frontier safety with the Romney grade, has suggested that the most efficient frontier safety comes to tow with an integral migratory reform.

So much the president Obama and Romney understand the importance of the most qualified immigrants. While Mr. Romney emphasizes the need to maintain these persons, the president Obama looks beyond this clear need and emphasizes the increasing need to tackle a more important and immediate topic: that of cases of “low priority” of undocumented persons to be deported. As always, it is necessary to keep on being a skeptic of the promises done by the candidates before the elections.

It is true that although the candidate might be compromised by a certain movement, the number of rights and the obstacles that it faces a president is overwhelming and very far from some. Nevertheless, independently of which of the candidates is it chosen in November, this immigration system of ours is forced to see some changes. Now: what type of changes that they are going to see, and if they are going to be for good or for worse, only can the time say.…

Leading the Pack: Oklahoma is Well Aware of Marijuana’s Potential

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry is shaping up to be one of the most unique MMJ markets in the nation, with a large number of players vying for attention. A spike in business registrations with the Oklahoma Secretary of State could indicate the creation of potentially hundreds of new marijuana-related companies in the emerging industry.

Oklahoma Secretary of State Jim Williamson said his office registered more than 4,000 total businesses since the end of June when State Question 788 was passed, legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Last year, during the same time period, the office saw about 3,100. The 30 percent increase leads Williamson to speculate many are related to marijuana.

“It would be a natural deduction to say that upward of 900 during that period of time could well be related to this marijuana issue,” Williamson said. “It’s not necessarily that all of them are, but it gives you something to compare it to.”

A search of the records since late June revealed more than 100 limited liability companies and other new businesses registered under names with key words related to marijuana in their title. Words such as “cannabis,” “kush,” “pot,” “bud,” “dispensary,” “ganja” and more were found in the registrations during the weeks following the elections.

Business found in the search include “AOK Cannabis LLC,” “Okie Kush, LLC,” “The Bud Hut, LLC,” “Okie Ganja, LLC,” “Hempworx, LLC,” and “Smoklahoma Cannabis Company.”

Hiding inside the numbers

Other companies may decide to register under a more confidential or discrete name, and still enter the industry, Williamson said. He didn’t believe the industry accounted for the nearly 900 new filings, but estimated it could be several hundred with the inclusion of the generically named marijuana businesses.

The actual number registering to enter the industry is difficult to estimate because companies aren’t required to list what kind of business they intend to enter, only whether they intend to legally conduct business in Oklahoma, according to Assistant Secretary of State Tod Wall. A business with “cannabis” in its name may not share any other ties to the marijuana industry, for example.

“The purpose statement (on a registration) often simply says ‘To legally conduct business in the state of Oklahoma,'” Wall said.

Registered businesses are not a direct translation for future store locations. A single LLC may open several brick-and-mortar locations. Another marijuana-related business might be solely in the transportation business, with less visibility than a retailer.

“It’s not going to be a true representation of all the little stores that are popping up,” Wall said.
The Secretary of State’s office also receives requests to reserve names for potential businesses. These requests are held for a limited time while a decision is made regarding whether an owner or operator wishes to file the full paperwork to register the business. Of more than 400 on the reserved names list, nearly 140 held titles with similar allusions to marijuana.

Most of the filings list an address in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metro areas. However there are filings scattered around the state.

While these companies are registered to operate as a business in Oklahoma, any company that intends to do business with marijuana will need to seek additional licensing.

Filing period begins for licensing

Thursday marked the beginning of the filing process for medical licensing for marijuana businesses. Any business intending to sell marijuana is required to have a license through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, including growers, processors and transportation companies. Completed applications must be submitted online, but they won’t be accepted until Aug. 25.

Businesses then will be required to register with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control after receiving a license from the association. Growers, processors, and dispensary applicants are required by law to register before any medical marijuana or medical marijuana products are present at a business.

Just three months after voters approved State Question 788 – a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma – regulators have awarded more than 1,100 business licenses throughout the state.

That figure includes nearly 400 dispensary and 600 cultivation licenses, putting Oklahoma’s MMJ industry nearly on par with Colorado’s adult-use market in terms of the amount of licensed businesses.
The large number of licensees in a state with roughly 4 million residents raises questions about how profitable the new businesses ultimately will be.

“Oklahoma did medical marijuana like we started our state,” said Joe Norwood, an attorney at Norwood Law Firm in Tulsa. “Everyone just lined up, the starting gun was shot off, and people went and started staking their claims. I guess that’s how we like it here in the Sooner State.”

Officials in Oklahoma will award additional licenses in the coming days and weeks. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority – the agency overseeing MMJ in the state – has indicated that nearly 500 applications remain in the pipeline.

The speed and scale at which Oklahoma’s program has unfolded was by design.

       Under State Question 788:

  • There are no caps on the number of MMJ business licenses that can be awarded.
  • Doctors are allowed to recommend the product for any condition they see fit.
  • Municipalities are prohibited from enacting zoning restrictions to prevent dispensaries from opening.

Five Most Common Bad Faith Insurance Practices

The first holiday of bad faith with the claims done by the policyholders and it covers a wide range of crimes. Is there a summary of the most common five. The denial of an insurance company to pay a claim without reasonable foundation, or the defeat of an insurance company to investigate appropriately the request in time and it forms, a part can constitute a case of the first bad faith.

Claims of bad faith of third are realized when a policyholder has been demanded and the insurance company of the policyholder has acted reasonably to solve the claim, or has stopped investigating or defending the claim in time and form.

Here there are five practices of insurances of bad faith more communes: Un delay of the insurance company, discounts or he denies payment without reasonable base: An insurer simply to deny the payment of something that the politics of the insurance company covers clearly.

This is the most common form of bad faith, and possibly the easiest to demonstrate with the help of a lawyer of insurances of bad faith. The mistake of an insurance company to pay a claim covered like result of not doing a suitable, prompt and exhaustive investigation as for the responsibility and the reasonable indemnification based on all the available information: When a policyholder has provided the information necessary for its insurance company to answer appropriately to its claim and to investigate the unproven statements, they would have acted with negligence.

An insurance company cannot affirm or deny a claim immediately, or in a reasonable time after the reception of a request and / or the test of the loss: The insurance companies are legally forced to guarantee the opportune communication to its policyholders, therefore, when the insurer does that its clients to wait weeks or even months to validate a request of claim that they are operating of bad faith.

An insurance company settles or tries to dissolve the controversy for much less than it is deserved: All would like believing that our own insurance companies are of our side – that they act as sound and say to us that they are, nevertheless, unfortunately, the insurance companies are only to gain money for themselves. Many insurance companies are of bad reputation and well-known for trying to solve the claims dishonestly.

To extend the already long process, some insurance companies need an absurd quantity of the papers of the petitioner and/or the doctor: It will be asked him for the presentation so much of a preliminary report for the claim and the formal test of the forms of loss, which generally contain the same information.

Also, they can request documents that had not been mentioned in politics and deny a claim if this paperwork does not take place. Numerous laws exist, the articles of association and the levels of observance of the law of insurance against the bad faith. Insurers of bad faith he can be responsible for the following damages: legal sanctions, legal interests, the responsibility for mistakes in excess of the limits of the insurance policy, the lawyers’ fees, emotional suffering, economic losses, and punitive damages.…

How Do I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney?

When seeking an attorney to handle your personal injury or wrongful death case you want to be aware of a few key factors that separate the experience levels and reputation of attorneys. The first and in my opinion the most important thing to look for is an attorney that is board certified in personal injury law. It may also be helpful that the attorney you choose has adequate trial experience in personal injury or wrongful death.

Most of this information can be found either on the individual website of the attorney or by visiting the state bar website in your jurisdiction.

The second way that an attorney can distinguish themselves from other attorneys is to obtain an AV rating. An AV rating is a testament to the fact that a lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence. In order to obtain an AV rating an attorney must be a member of the bar for at least 10 years. Having an attorney with an AV rating can be helpful in placing the opposing side on notice that they are dealing with an attorney that is highly skilled and will take the case to trial if necessary. Sometimes this fact alone will result in an insurance company offering more money to avoid the expenses associated with litigation.

The last important thing is that you find an attorney that you feel comfortable with. It is a common misconception that an attorney must be rude and crude to do his or her job good. From my experience if over 20 years in the legal field you are better off being nice until the opposing side gives you a reason to resort to other tactics. Not only does this outlook tend to result in higher offers from insurance companies, but it also goes a long way with a judge or jury, which in turn results in a better verdict for the client.…

Personal Injury Lawyer New York City: Get yourself the Best Friend

Life is one highly unpredictable thing. None of us know what shall happen to us the very next moment. Along with being unpredictable life also seems to be dicey and it somehow never maintains a smooth flow. At times tremendously achieving so at times it manages to fail us, but whatever happens we never stop living and neither do we lose out on life. Being the true survivors in all the senses, we all know how to deal with life.

One of the most unexpected things that can strike anyone of us at any time is an accident. An accident can hit one in any form and these accidents can be physically as well emotionally devastating and especially if a third person or an organization is the cause of your accident. In this case apart from your family one best person who can support you is a personal injury lawyer New York City.

Basically when you meet with an accident as a fault of some other person or an even an organization, you have the full right to sue that person or the organization and in this case a Personal Injury Lawyer New York City can help you out to full extents. By opting for a personal injury lawyer New York City the victim and his family can be assured to get apt justice. A personal injury lawyer New York City has good amount of experience and thus can be of great help to the victim and his family. When you go in for a personal injury lawyer New York City you have to make sure that you do a proper check on the prior cases that the personal injury lawyer New York City had handled and see his success ratio.

You should also make sure that you have a clear picture of the profile of the personal injury lawyer New York City whom you will be hiring to fight the case for you. As legalities are involved the hiring party has to be clear about definite facts before they appoint a personal injury lawyer New York City. The facts that the client needs to confirm are about the basic terms and conditions that the personal injury lawyer follows like session fees to be paid, if at all required, manner of payment and other extremely small details before the personal injury lawyer New York City is confirmed.

Fighting a legal case involves a lot of studying on the part of the personal injury lawyer New York City and for this the victim and his family has to give full support to the lawyer. The victim should make sure that he gives out the entire information related to the accident that he had to face. This gives the personal injury lawyer New York City ample information to fight the case and win it on behalf of the victim and his family. Moreover the personal injury lawyer New York City not only eases out the legal aspects for you but also provides you with a helping hand and also manages to give you a moral support so that you can come out of the trauma of the accident and move ahead in life.…

Construction Accidents: Michigan’s Most Dangerous Work

Injured Workers Often Denied Claim For Recovery Of Damages

Construction accidents continue to be one of the most frequent types of accidents for Michigan workers and for workers across the nation because safety rules have not protected them. Construction workers in the building trades are frequent victims of on-the-job injuries and serious accidents. Why? Far too often, required safety rules are not in place. As a result thousands of construction workers are killed or injured each year.

In Michigan alone the construction industry led all others with the highest number (30) of fatal work accidents in 2008, according to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). MIOSHA reports that the leading hazards faced by construction workers are associated with:

  • Cave-ins
  • Underground utilities
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Manual handling materials
  • Working close to moving traffic
  • Electrical hazards, such as overhead power lines

MIOSHA reports that in 1994 alone some 19 Michigan workers were killed in trench collapse accidents.

In my practice the common construction accidents causing on-the-job injuries, fatalities, or leading to workers comp involve falls from ladders and scaffolding, front end loaders, electrocutions, vehicle back overs, gas line explosions, failed machinery, cave-ins, and road construction workers hit by passing vehicles. Workers injured include carpenters, roofers, dry wallers, pipe layers, operating engineers, rod busters, cement finishers, cement pavers, and laborers.

A construction worker injured on the job, in most instances, can sue the employer for work-related injuries. A third party can be shown to be liable for negligence when an injury occurs on the job site. While some workers are prevented or limited by law from collecting workman’s compensation for their injuries, many workers are able to recover damages from parties other than their employers or co-workers, especially when subcontractors are involved. Sometimes owners, architects, contractors and equipment manufacturers can be held liable for damages for construction accidents. Usually, though, the liable person is the general contractor, contractor or owner.

Manufacturers of construction equipment are responsible for designing and maintaining safe products. Defective or dangerous products may be at fault in a construction accident. With all of the equipment used on a construction site, the chance for injury is great, but if the proper safety measures are not employed in the making of this equipment, the chances of an injury or a death occurring increase greatly.

The manufacturers on this equipment can be found liable when an accident occurs due to one of their products. Equipment used on a construction site includes scaffolding, cranes, power tools, derricks, hoists, conveyors, woodworking tools, ladders, winches, trucks, graters, scrapers, tractors, bulldozers, forklifts, back hoes, heavy equipment, boilers, pressure vessels, and gas detectors.

Even if a worker is injured because of his or her own carelessness, compensation still may be available from the Workers Compensation Act. Benefits such as workers comp weekly payments and medical payments are awarded to an injured worker, although often these awards are not enough to cover the pain and suffering that comes with an on-the-job injury.

Workman’s Comp weekly payments are based on a percentage of worker’s weekly earnings and on the severity of the disability, whether it is a temporary total disability or a permanent partial disability. The medical expenses cover only those treatments deemed necessary and related to the specific work injury.

Because construction accident cases most often are very complex it is important to consult with an attorney with experience in investigating construction accidents and in evaluating the best avenue of recovery based on the law. If applying for worker’s comp, consult a workers comp lawyer.

Insurance claims are often denied just so insurance companies can meet their profit goals. Workman comp claims are also often denied, especially the first time around. I strongly advise Michigan construction workers involved in an accident to use a Michigan attorney skilled in construction accident recoveries because the law varies from state to state. An attorney will lead you through the steps needed to recover actual damages and may even assist in punitive damages being awarded.…