Immigration Issues – Where do Obama and Romney Stand

We wait that two candidates who should keep on supporting the dreamers and the most qualified immigrants (L1A, H1B, O1). The results of the elections of this year can change the approach of the White House on immigration. The presidential elections are at least a month of distance, and both candidates are in an attempt at full speed to persuade more people to vote for him instead of its opponent.

During this crucial period before the election, then, it is important to understand integrally positions of the candidates on the subject of immigration. While both candidates agree in that the system of immigration of the country does not work and is in extreme need for the reform, especially as for the safety questions and frontier immigrant undocumented persons, the president Obama and Romney disagree on how facing to these questions.

The president Obama, by means of the emission of the Deferred share for the Come ones in the Infancy (DACA), based freely on the DREAM Act, like an executive decision, promoted its support to the law. Across DACA, the undocumented individuals who were brought to the country like minors of age, who have graduated of the secondary school or to have obtained an equivalent title, which criminal records do not have and have been continuously living in the country from the year 2007 there granted a postponement of two years to itself the deportations and a green card of two years.

Although this is not the DREAM Act, per, which approaches more than any other initiative. Also, it was said that the government has promised to impel the DREAM Act to turn if it keeps on occupying the White House. Meanwhile, Mr. Romney does not show its support to the Law, but it supports that it would encourage more immigrants who enter the country without the due authorization.

Nevertheless, Mr. Romney yes proposes to give the permanent residence to those undocumented immigrants who have served in the armed forces. Also, while he will not continue authorization DACA if he is elected a president, nevertheless, it is not going to revoke the temporary status already granted to natural persons.

Romney is also a defender of the safety of the border the Mexico – United States, in major measurement, what suggests the achievement of a fence of high technology, in addition to improving the system of cross-checking of exit. These initiatives, according to him, not only to restrict the number of undocumented immigrants who enter to the country, but also the number of immigrants diminishes that more visas remain. Obama, it does not center on the frontier safety with the Romney grade, has suggested that the most efficient frontier safety comes to tow with an integral migratory reform.

So much the president Obama and Romney understand the importance of the most qualified immigrants. While Mr. Romney emphasizes the need to maintain these persons, the president Obama looks beyond this clear need and emphasizes the increasing need to tackle a more important and immediate topic: that of cases of “low priority” of undocumented persons to be deported. As always, it is necessary to keep on being a skeptic of the promises done by the candidates before the elections.

It is true that although the candidate might be compromised by a certain movement, the number of rights and the obstacles that it faces a president is overwhelming and very far from some. Nevertheless, independently of which of the candidates is it chosen in November, this immigration system of ours is forced to see some changes. Now: what type of changes that they are going to see, and if they are going to be for good or for worse, only can the time say.…

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